Data Collection Research Paper

Your job is to open up the stage so that the interviewee feels comfortable talking.The roles need to be clarified: you ask a few questions, but mostly, you listen and the interviewee talks.

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And it would take some time to have them replaced, the credit cards.

So this particular three days I had no income, no money at all.

When you have the chance, take part in interview training.

A good way to check how good or bad you were as an interviewer is when you transcribe the data.

You need to find the right moment to ask the next question, to find the right way and form in asking it and you need to keep the conversation going.

This entails dealing with silence, reading non-verbal signals and sending appropriate signals.You need to find participants, make arrangements for the interview, explain matters of confidentiality, prepare consent forms, make your interview participant feel comfortable, and find the right words to open the interview situation.Interactive competence refers to paying attention to your interview partner and steering the interview into the desired direction.A prerequisite is that you are aware of your biases and that you can explicit them.This is a requirement for overcoming selective attention as exemplified above when I told you about the Beamer cables that in my mind always were black.During the process of conducting the study, you need to be prepared for the effects that this may have on you.You need to be prepared for having to revise your previous knowledge.According to Helfferich (2019), a good interviewer needs the following skills: Technical competence, Interactive competence: attention and steering, competencies in communication theory and knowing how to deal with previous knowledge and personal bias.Technical competence is needed in organizing interviews.It may also sound puzzling that it is impossible for someone to leave the house because the purse was lost. The interviewer continued to listen and let her tell her story.


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