Definition Of Critical And Creative Thinking

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What does this symbiotic relationship look like in the classroom?Here are a few educational contexts in which creativity is disciplined by critical thinking and critical thinking is expanded through recognition of its creative function: The skills today’s students will need for success are, at a most basic level, the skills that humans have always relied on for success — the very things that make us human, including our creativity and our capacity for thinking critically.

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In practice, however, the two are not so easy to separate.

The picture of the near future that emerges from these compilations of skills is one in which people must compete against their own inventions by exploiting the most human of their human qualities: empathy, a willingness to work together, adaptability, innovation.

As the 21st century unfolds, creativity and critical thinking appear as uniquely human attributes essential for staving off our own obsolescence.

Critical thinking to begin with "is the use of those cognitive skills or strategies that increase the probability of a desirable outcome" (Sternberg, Roediger, and Helpern, 2007).

One of the many situations where critical thinking should have been utilized to achieve a desirable (and perhaps better) outcome was when the International Monetary Fund IMF failed to take action against Strauss-Kahn, its head at the time, for having an illicit affair with a subordinate by the name Nagy. Despite Strauss-Kahn admitting that the said affair had indeed taken place, "the IMF took no action against Strauss-Kahn other than to say that he had shown poor judgment" (Mc Greal, 2011).


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