Describe A Journey That You Really Enjoyed Essay

Describe A Journey That You Really Enjoyed Essay-49
I had the opportunity to see the majestic Twin Towers or Petronas Towers.

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Click here for Model Answer You should say: how you know it what they produce why you think it is successfuland explain how you think it became successful.

Click here for Model Answer You should say: what this programme was where and when you watched it what it was about and explain why you did not enjoy it. Click here for Model Answer You should say: who the person was what the situation was what decision they made and explain why you think it was the wrong decision.

Click here for Model Answer You should say: what was it whom you advised how you did itand explain how you felt about it.

Click here for Model Answer You should say: when you took the journey where you went how you went thereand explain why it took longer than expected.

Click here for Model Answer You should say: what you made. Click here for Model Answer You should say: what culture it is how you know about it what differences there are between that culture and your ownand explain why you like that foreign culture.

Click here for Model Answer You should say: who is s/he what program s/he presents how he presents the programand explain why you like / dislike him/ her.Click here for Model Answer You should say: who gave the speech what the topic of the speech was whether it impressed you or not and explain why did you like / dislike the speech.Click here for Model Answer You should say what the event it is where it takes place what kind of music is played and explain why you enjoy it.When we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, we headed straight to our hotel to check in.After we checked in, we took the subway to the location of the Twin Towers.However, some topics could be quite tough for many IELTS candidates and require some brainstorming to actually talk about such topics.This post combines such 30 difficult IELTS cue card topics with links to model answers and tips.For example: Describing your leisure activities, hometown, a restaurant, a place you visited etc.Those are quite common topics and an IELTS candidate should be able to talk about 2-3 minutes on those topics quite comfortably.The package consisted of airfare and hotel accommodations.I wish I had a choice for an all inclusive package, but the hotel doesn’t offer that type of package. She had a large check in bag and I had a small carry on because I travel light.


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