Difference Between Creative And Critical Thinking

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And sometimes it is helpful to lay a problem aside, allowing its elements to percolate in the subconscious mind, and return to it later to see what new angles or solutions may emerge.

Anne Pyburn Craig has written for a range of regional and local publications ranging from in-depth local investigative journalism to parenting, business, real estate and green building publications.

Analytical problem solving also calls for the ability to observe trends and tendencies and use what has happened in the past to predict probable outcomes.

Creative thinking works better in solving divergent problems, where there may be many or even infinite solutions. Creative thinking is essential in finding solutions to problems with complex or abstract elements, such as, "What's the best way to govern a city? " These kinds of problems have no correct answer that applies in every situation, so generating creative ideas is a must.

DESIGN Thinking Design Thinking is about adopting the cognitive processes used by the designers.

Design Thinking is lateral since it considers different parameters which are not defined.ART Thinking Art thinking for me is thinking about your ideas and thoughts in images,feelings, and even musical architectures. Art Thinking is a predecessor to Creative thinking.CREATIVE Thinking It is about not limiting your thinking.Most of the bigger questions in life call for at least some creative thinking.Creative thinking works better in solving divergent problems, where there may be many or even infinite solutions. Creative thinking involves the ability to see not just what is evident but also what may be the missing pieces of a solution.:)Did you think there was only one way of thinking ? It is quite interesting because we all are thinking in these different ways all the time, it is just that we might not be doing it consciously or know the “definition” of it. Even Einstein believed in similar ideas about art thinking.“If what is seen and experienced is portrayed in the language of logic, then it is science.Therefore I took the job of writing down what I think of these various kinds of ways of thinking and how they differ from each other or are similar to each other. If it is communicated through forms whose constructions are not accessible to the conscious mind but are recognized intuitively, then it is art” (Calaprice, 2000, 271).They are meant to be reflections on things I learn or read about during this time.I look forward to any feedback or crit that you can provide. As a result when presented, its interpretation might be different for individuals.It is done in order to look for a solution to a problem which is better than existing ones.Design thinking can be applied to anything, whether a medical problem, a business problem or even while making the best travel plans.


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