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This is a really good section as if I have something in my mind that I am trying to remember, all I need to do is quickly refer to the right letter in the back of my Filo and it's there for me to read! Last night I remembered I had One Note on my computer and realised how useful it could be for using with my Filofaxes!

This is because I can make the same tabs, sections and sub-sections on my computer as I can in my Filofax! I have created a One Note notebook to match my MA Dissertation planner!

I'm also going t o talk about how I'm using Microsoft One Note in conjunction with it to plan my MA Dissertation!

I'm not the best person at planning research projects.

Ultimately this section will get typed up into my MA notes word document. I will take my Filofax to dissertation meetings, so it is good that I have access to these notes for reference purposes.

I have to remember this is NOT the place to write notes for my dissertation- if I did that the Filofax would either be 2 feet thick (quite literally) or I would need about 20 filos! Then I have a 'Techniques' section, which is a list of techniques, methods I need to remember when I am researching and writing, e.g.

I haven't really used it that much in the last few weeks since setting it up.

Therefore, it is a bit plain- it's not 'lived-in' yet.

This is why I have set up my MA Dissertation planner!

It is in a beautiful raspberry A5 Finsbury filofax :) I spent a few weeks researching which would be the best Filofax for me.


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