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From that amount, the following occured: The environmental problem of landfills is a difficult issue to fix.As more waste ends in landfills, the bigger the problem gets. 8), shows the landfill is composed of the following waste, which could easily be recycled: Manufacturing of products requires virgin sources of both renewable wood, and non-renewable fossil fuels or metal ore.

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A better understanding of the advanatges of recycling can ensure that it becomes a natural and important part of your life.

The Environmental Protection Agency's Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: 2014 Fact Sheet (EPA fact sheet) states that 258 million tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) were generated that year alone.

So it is vital to save them for future generations.

When products manufactured from the natural resources like metals or plastic are discarded in landfills, they are lost to humanity forever. Paper pulp accounts for 40% of use of the world's timber according to World Wide Fund For Nature.

Even though it is still government responsibility, we have to aware about this issue because the earth environment position is endangers that causes the temperature of the earth is increase rapidly nowadays.

According to Lehman & Crocker (2012, pp.148), “Using recycled materials in a product can reduce costs, absorb waste generated by other products and help reduce the quantity of waste going to landfills”.

Recently, the improvement system of recycling can solve human’s life environmental problems.

There are three main points of how to manage waste or garbage such as reuse, reduce and recycle.

Moreover, recycling is a new modern solution to reduce amount number of wasted products that technically we The goal of recycling is always to make the best use of all materials, and only land-filling those materials for which there are currently not used anymore.

Recycling also is a cost-effective waste management option.


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