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He and Sancho have reached the mountains that bar the smooth plains of La Mancha from the fluid meadows of Andalusia southward: mountains of rock flung to sky, titanic gestures of rock, pourings of cosmic might into the waste of rock.

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Meantime, there is the tale to tell—with much laughter—of his absurd adventures.

Cervantes wishes to mock this medieval scarecrow jousting against the Modern.

But she has endowed it with a principle which will make her child recede ever more from being her creation. From the womb of his will and fancy comes the child.

This inner life, seeking substance in the objective world both of sense and of impression, becomes itself. But Don Quixote is no sooner set on earth, than he proceeds by an organic evolution, by a series of accretions and responses, to change wholly from the intent of his author—to turn indeed against him. The man is child of his own childhood and of his parents in a deeper way than any conscious, biologic pattern. He has transcended vastly the amorphous thing lodged in his mother’s womb.

Don Quixote is but the final name of the ingenuous knight of La Mancha.

In Chapter One of his book, it is set forth that he was known as Quijada, Quesada or Quejana.And he takes Sancho to witness of his straits, ere he sends him off to beseech mercy of Dulcinea.Nor is he fooled by Sancho’s meeting with the lady.Soon the proofs multiply; for the clown-blows that continue to rain upon Don Quixote in Part One cannot hold him from his organic growth.With Part Two, written ten years later, the blows and buffets are less frequent.Cervantes has had time to catch up with and to accept his son.In the matter of the selecting of a Lady (that needed spur of every true knight-errant) it is clear that Don Quixote knows the facts about Aldonza Lorenzo, wench daughter of Lorenzo Cochuelo of El Toboso.Quite consciously, he turns her into the divine Dulcinea whom henceforth he will worship.This he makes his “truth”: there is no evidence that the of the girl is ever hidden from him.” The reader will be aware of a curious shift in this Don Quixote’s madness: a note of self-conscious irony, not usually found in the insane upon the point of their mania.However, this strange madman to whom Cervantes introduces us seems at first consistently the creation of his author. He loses teeth as his molested countrymen lose tempers.


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