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According to DEA estimates we capture less than 10 percent of all illicit drugs.

According to DEA estimates we capture less than 10 percent of all illicit drugs.In this regard, I have a two part question 1) How much do you think it will cost to stop the other ninety percent?

Russian and Israel illegal drug suppliers as well as the Western Europe-based drug trafficking associations are the most prominent MDMA traffickers in the world.

Primarily, MDMA is manufactured secretly in the Western Europe then clandestinely distributed into United States through commercial airline couriers and carriers of express package.

Explain why supporting a failed policy of drug law enforcement has a greater priority than student loans or drug education programs.

Consider the experiences of Holland--a country where drugs fall under the jurisdiction of health agencies, not law enforcement, which has seen a decline in chronic use of hard drugs and casual use of soft drugs since decriminalization.

Has the cost of the War on Drugs in terms of billions of dollars, blighted lives, jammed prisons, intensified racism, needless deaths, loss of freedom etc., produced any significant change in drug availability or perceived patterns of drug use?

Why does the FDA stand up for the right of adults to smoke tobacco, which is highly addictive and causes over 400,000 deaths per year, while decreeing that adults have no right to smoke marijuana, which is non-addictive and kills no one?On the other hand, heroin is smuggled into United States of America by southwest and southeast Asian-based drug traffickers who use the city of New York as the circulatory hub.Heroin is then distributed into Midwest and eastern seaboard.In addition to drug trafficking groups based in oversea countries, local associations grow process and supply illegal drugs which involve methamphetamine, marijuana, lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and phencyclidine.Local farmers produce marijuana that effectively competes with other illegal drugs supplied in the market.According to United States Custom Services, every year, millions of merchants enter the United States of America either in private or commercial flights, while others enter in ships and vehicles to participate in this high profiting market.Thousands of ships loaded with million tons of cargo dock at United States ports each year.Alcohol costs thousands of lives, and alcoholism is an accredited disease, but anyone age 21 or older can go to the liquor store and buy alcohol.Despite signatures from 85 prominent groups and individuals, why has the Hoover Resolution (a call for an independent panel to revue existing drug policies) not been considered, accepted, or initiated?Besides the extensive market sales of methamphetamine and cocaine in the Midwest and west of Mexico, drug traffickers are making everything possible to extend the supply of illegal drugs into eastern markets of the United States.In the last decade, the consumption of 3, 4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) in United States has gone up at a rate that is alarming.


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