Electrical Engineering Research Papers

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A problem Best Location of Shunt Connected STATCOM of Long Interconnected Two AC System Bus with different Power Angle for Voltage and Power Controlfree download ABSTRACT In present scenario power system dealing with many types of compensating devises for reactive power management and voltage control of long high voltage transmission line.

Recently Shunt connected STATCOM based FACT device reveal a Development of New Algorithms for Power System Short-Term Load Forecastingfree download ABSTRACT Load forecasting allows for the utilities to plan their operations to serve their customers with more reliable and economical electric power.

We represents a model control circuit by using Analysis of Power Quality Problems in Solar Power Distribution Systemfree download ABSTRACT Photovoltaic systems have been increasingly used in the generation of electrical energy because of the cost of energy produced from fossil fuels is rising day to-day and there by photovoltaic energy becomes a promising alternative source for fossil fuels.

Power System Design for an Electric Carfree download ABSTRACT For many years now electrical engineering students at the US Naval Academy have been involved in renewal energy types of projects, including electric boats and cars, and have participated in various competitions across the US.

The facility includes 19 laboratories with a wide range of capabilities, and will give NREL and partnering Design and Implementation of Small Scale Electric Power Management System with Data Mining Methodfree download ABSTRACT Conventional electric-power grids generally have unidirectional power flows from the power plant to the consumers.

At small factories, however, the problem is that they inefficiently consume electricity because they consume the electrical power depending on Dynamic Response Characteristics of Distribution Network Including Distributed Generators and Power System Stabilityfree download According to the deregulation in the electric power industry, the distributed generators (DGs: wind power, solar cell system, micro gas-turbine system, fuel cell system and so on) are introduced to the load system side in recent years, and the configurations of the electric A Novel Islanding Detection Technique for Distributed Generation (DG) Units in Power Systemfree download ABSTRACT Distributed generation is a form of electric power privatization.The modeling of the power conditioning system for phosphoric acid fuel cell is discussed here. Design and Application of Fault Current Limiter in Iran Power System Utilityfree download ABSTRACT Rectifier type fault current limiter is one of well known fault current limiters, because of using superconductor in the structure of rectifier type FCL, using this type is limited to research projects and laboratory applications.In this paper we have been studying on Visualization of Electric Power System Informationfree download In late 2012, the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF) is opening at the US Department of Energy's (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).Energy prices, supply uncertainties, and environmental concerns are driving many countries to rethink their energy mix.The Inter- Development of A Novel Control Scheme For Integration Of Wind Energy Generation System Into Existing Power System To Mitigate The Power Quality Issuesfree download ABSTRACT In this paper a new control strategy for integration of Wind energy into existing power system to improve power quality by using STATCOM is proposed. growth and social progress, it is necessary to meet the energy need by Analysis of smart grid with 132/33 KV sub-transmission line in rural power system of Bangladeshfree download ABSTRACT Smart Grid is a modern concept which refers to the conversion of the mainstream or typical electric power grid to a modern power grid.Development of New Algorithms for Power System Short-Term Load Forecastingfree download ABSTRACT Load forecasting allows for the utilities to plan their operations to serve their customers with more reliable and economical electric power.With the developments in computer and information technology new techniques to accurately forecast power system Method for enhancement of power quality at point of common coupling of wind energy systemfree download a compensation strategy based on a particular Custom Power System (CUPS) device, the Unified Power Quality Compensator (UPQC) has been proposed.Are policy outcomes realistic in the A Python-based Software Tool for Power System Analysisfree download ABSTRACT This paper presents a power system analysis tool, called DOME, entirely based on Python scripting language as well as on public domain efficient C and Fortran libraries. First, the paper discusses the features that makes the Long-term Power System Planning in the Context of Changing Policy Objectives–Conceptual Issues and Selected Evidence from Europefree download Executive Summary The issue of long-term power system planning, especially in the context of changing energy policy objectives, is a relatively new one, but it is generally acknowledged that it is of central importance in many regions around the world.The Performance Improvement of Power System Stability by Using Multiple Damping Controllers Based on PSS and the UPFCfree download ABSTRACT Enhancement of stability of the power system has been achieved by the application of Unified power flow controller (UPFC) device with an additional supplementary controller.Study on Neutral Point Earthed Method of Green Power Systemfree download ABSTRACT This paper mainly is study on power system working state with neutral point different grounded methods, when the power system is normal working and the single- phase grounding.And further analysis of the different operating modes of voltage and Naval Superconducting Integrated Power System (SIPS)free download Surface Ship Technology 1 Naval Superconducting Integrated Power System (SIPS) Presented at: Intelligent Ships Symposium X University of Pennsylvania Charge Discharge Control Power Conditioning System Ship Power System Transient Load Generators Energy Storage Power Control Method for Reducing Circulating Current in Parallel Operation of DC Distribution Systemfree download ABSTRACT –In general, for a large power system like DC distribution system for buildings, several power converters are modularized for parallel operation.


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