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After a while however one begins to suspect whether or not the accreditation they gave to their new friends was accurate, we doubt their character, if they really stand for what they say they believe in and if they really are as magnificent as we first thought them to be.Following consultation, even those people who we think are ideal in everyway we find are plagued by hidden imperfections and so we discover that we were better off with solitude.Emerson has given us definition about friendship and tips on how it is built.

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Emerson’s essays in Self-Reliance and Other Essays published in 1993 were about America’s independence and his writing.

Believing in freedom, he wants people to always make a choice, no matter what the situation is or where the rules are laid.

Recent conversations with friends and students about Emerson’s essay on friendship lead me to suspect that at least some of you will find Emerson’s views so strange or radical as not to be about friendship at all.

Others will be struck by his anticipations of Nietzsche, whose name I introduce here because like Nietzsche, who read him carefully, Emerson is a genealogist and refashioner of morals.

His belief is that people are the ones who choose to follow the rules.

In Friendship, one of Emerson’s essays in the book, he writes his own opinions on friendship rationally based on the beliefs mentioned.In “Spiritual Laws,” a companion essay to “Friendship” in the , Emerson describes the way friendships begin.They have nothing to do with effort, worldly accomplishments, or physical beauty, he asserts, but are rather matters of attraction or affinity.This essay basically talks about the bond and tie-in between people.For Emerson, having this tie-in between individuals is important because no matter how close we are with the person, this connection paints and perfects our lives like a cherry on top of a frozen yogurt.Emersons Friendship I believe that in his essay, “Friendship”, Emerson’s main point is that people should not be afraid to expand their friendly horizons.They should more try to open up and be honest with people.There are many people who seek friendship and make it seem like the “texture of wine and dreams” instead of what it really is, “the touch fibre of the human heart.” There are two main elements that go into to the make up of a friendship, one being truth.A friend is someone one can go to and be themselves around, they should not have to think twice before opening their mouth and speaking in fear of sounding stupid or imperfect.The essay investigates simply how to be more open with others and gives tips on differentiating between true friends and those whom we just refer to as friends.There are many people whom we speak to and meet on an everyday basis.


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