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This system of law originates from private bills that only affect the specific individuals.There is a strong need for such private laws to be written to clearly explain the circumstances and situations.It relies on cases dealt with by judges through applying their common sense and knowledge about past precedents () (Riches 2011).

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In fact, the sources of English law should be considered with an ultimate importance because it provides a basis, in which the English law lays its foundation.

This essay presents a well researched discussion of the sources of English law.

Under common law, this offence was punishable by death sentence in England (Edmond 2004).

After a parliamentary amendment, the punishment of this criminal act was reduced to mandatory life sentence.

Law may also be written by national or the state legislators.

Statutory law may also be codified, which means that the law appears in codes according to its subject matter.The body of precedents allows the common law to go back to a ruling made in the past in case of a disagreement of two conflicting parties.Common law systems are more complex than they appear to be.They ensured that they established and maintained the English laws in all their former colonies.In the quest to learn and understand English Law, its sources cannot be ignored.Introduction English law is a term applied to refer to the legal system used in England and Wales.It forms the basic proponents of common law and constitutes the legal system in England, Ireland and the commonwealth countries.The administrative branch of the government then exercises the law within the limits set by the statutes.A good example of a statute is the amendment of the parliamentary act concerning murder.This legal system is traditionally the main component of English law.This legal system operates on a basic principle, which argues that it is unfair to treat similar occasions differently.


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