English Literature Dissertation Subjects

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The following list indicates some of the areas in which dissertations can be written.

Dr Kees Dekker: Old English literature and language; Middle English literature and language; history of the English language; textual editing; manuscript studies. Tolkien; literature and war (especially World War I); twentieth-century British, Irish and American poetry; history of the book; textual editing; philosophy and literature.

Dr Hans Jansen: Shakespeare, English drama; language acquisition; history of the English language; translation. Richard Lansdown: Dr Tekla Mecsnober: modernist writing (especially James Joyce, modernist magazines and experiments with language); eighteenth- and nineteenth-century British fiction; Gerard Manley Hopkins; Victorian poetry.

Dr Karin Olsen: Anglo-Saxon literature and culture; comparative studies in Anglo-Saxon, Old Norse and early Irish literature and culture; Middle English literature. Sebastian Sobecki: Middle English and early Tudor literature; law, politics, and multilingualism; textual and manuscript studies; maritime literature; digital humanities.

Dr Irene Visser: postcolonial literature and theory; American literature; contemporary literature; young adult fiction; dystopian and post-apocalyptic fiction; trauma theory and trauma fiction; post-9/11 literature; Maori Literature; Chicano Literature; South African literature; William Faulkner.

Dr Kees de Vries: nineteenth-century literature; Oscar Wilde; humour and literature; music and literature; literary theory.

A Master's track in English is a well-recognised postgraduate qualification in a market where having a good BA is no longer enough.

Graduates go on to work in a variety of fields including the following: Some jobs are related to English literature (publishing) while other opportunities arise from skills integral to the course.

Literature is unarguably one of the most interactive subjects in academics- it consists of studying another individual's or company's imagination and interpreting it using our own.

Making use of poetic language and expressions can be a difficult task, even for the researcher- which is why they often decide to seek external help in dissertation writing.


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