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If you are content with usingthe e-book, you will not need to have a paper copy of the text.(A paper copy is availablefrom the reserve desk in Mc Keldin Library.) You will only need to purchase theenhanced version Web Assign access code once – as long as you are using the same text,your access code will be recognized, whether your re-take Stat 400 or move on to Stat401.(Please put your course number [Math 140, Math 141, Stat 400, Stat 401] in the Subject line of any Web Assign emails.) For the first two weeks of the semester you can click on the “continue my trial period” link toward the bottom.

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Do not access Web Assign from your new section’s ELMS page until you have received a “go-ahead” from the Web Assign coordinator.

If you fail to follow these instructions, your prior work and access will not be transferred.

[See instructions below for transferring from one section to anotherwithin the same course.] After this process has been done the first time, steps 1) through 3) will take you to your Web Assign course page.

If you transfer from one section to another within the same course, send an email to your new instructor requesting that your previous Web Assign work and access code be transferred to the new section.

You’llalso have the opportunity to focus on these textbook practice questions in your discussionsection.

[During Stat 400 discussions, TAs will not cover questions included in Web Assign.

(Hint: The cost may be cheaper purchasing an access code online as opposed to buying it from the campus bookstore.) Please wait to enter your access code until you are sure you are in the section where you will remain all semester—transferring access codes can get complicated. Placement test online, you may see it still listed on Web Assign. In general (but not every time), Web Assign will be due on a discussion day at am.

Due dates given within Web Assign are definitive – it is your responsibility to keep track of due dates and times. Future assignments will show up about a week before they are due.

Do the practice homework after the Lecture on that section and before tackling Web Assign.

You need to be able to correctly answer all of the assigned problems.


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