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To understand what is epiphany in a common life we suggest you several examples. The Law of Gravitation was passed in a very interesting way. Suddenly he realizes that it is a bad idea when his son or daughter gets numerous injuries because of the car accident after a drunk party. Amy Tan is a brilliant writer with excellent English.

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Amy once realized that at home she usually spoke the same way as her mother while during the lectures she used perfect English. Epiphany is a huge thing not only from Christian point of view.

This epiphany was so strong that it inspired Amy to write an essay about mother tongue.

Seeing Jesus, she claimed that He had come for atonement of Israel.

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All these stories are talking about one event – epiphany.

So, it is more than just a traditional concept of Christian revelation which has turned into a holiday.

Also, this word means a sudden and great revelation or realization. Be sure that our term paper writing service has made it very entertaining. It has a good background which is based on the events mentioned in the Bible. However, if you would like to know how to become one, we can explain it in our next paper. Mother Teresa was one of the most prominent followers of Jesus in the last century.

So, epiphany is the synonym of the word revelation. Mother Teresa essay will tell you about this amazing woman.


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