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Norms specify actions that will cause others to recognize the actor’s identity and helps them react accordingly.

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Firstly, as argued by constructivists, identity construction is an intersubjective phenomenon that takes place in a mutual creation of ideational and normative structures and individual’s identities (Hopf, 1998).

By characterizing belonging to a nation as dependent on ethnic ties, the Af D lays out ground rules for who can be considered German.

Secondly, in constructing the identity of refugees, special consideration must be given to the changing terms used for the asylum seekers entering Germany, ranging from “Asylanten”, used as a denunciation of the refugee’s character, to “Geflüchtete”, as underscoring their helplessness and victimhood (Geisel, 2015).

This corresponds to Leach’s account of the refugee crisis in Australia in 2001-2002, who uncovers that multiple aspects constituted an overall picture of the asylum seekers as undeserving (2003).

As illiberal tendencies within populist movements have been deemed a threat to the current liberal world order, many scholars argue the importance of understanding its roots and strategies (Mouffe, 2005, p. Using a constructivist theory of International Relations to understand the strategy of the Af D, this essay argues that populist parties use an approach of identity construction and interest creation that portrays their own policies as necessary protection of the national identity, independent of concrete current political issues.

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First, the theoretical framework will be discussed, followed by an explanation of how populists use the refugee crisis to attract support.

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In telling you who you are, identities strongly imply a certain set of interests with respect to certain actors (Hopf, 1998).

Populism and the Refugee Crisis To reach their voter base, it can be argued that the Af D is following a three-fold approach; firstly, in constructing a German identity, they derive certain national interests.


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