Essay About Early Education

Anyone who is around young children will notice one thing—just how much they talk to themselves while playing.

They bleat and sing, yammer and gabble, chat and prattle such a stream of nonsense that it overflows (most of the time) like a carbonated orange soda, fizzing over your nice, newly ironed suit onto the car floorboard. How do you preserve such joy, such uninhibited creativity? Become their scribe, and ask the all important question, “Can I write down your story?

The pay is meager, but it provides a good learning resource.

Information on these programs can be accessed through the Public School District websites of your choice.

Male teachers often bring alternative ways to teach language and literacy, especially with those children who learn best during gross motor activities.

This on top of an ever growing, more culturally diverse and aware teacher base; the typical kindergarten teacher is bringing far more to circle time than ever before.

Another great way for students looking for training is through a volunteer program.

Many public school systems offer volunteer mentoring programs for anyone interested. Usually they ask for a couple of references and a background check, and you’re good to go.

They can feel what the child feels when they accomplish and when they fail.

It is rooting for them when they are so close to the finish line, dusting them off when they fall, listening when they talk, and realizing exploration of the world through their eyes is its own reward.


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