Essay About Epistemology

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That should give you a bit better idea of what epistemology is, and, for those considering taking an epistemology class, what to expect from such a class.

For those interested in further reading, there are links at the bottom of this page to articles that are introductory in nature (mostly from the Since epistemology is the theory of knowledge, a central question of the area is: Under what conditions does a subject know something to be the case?

The internalist about justification will have to hold that the beliefs of such subjects have the same justificatory status (they’re either both justified or both unjustified, and to the same degree), and the internalist about knowledge will have to hold that, so long as the beliefs of such “twins” are true in both cases, they can’t diverge on the matter of whether they constitute knowledge. This twin’s life was identical to mine up to midnight last night.

At that time, our life histories drastically diverge, but not in any way causes a difference in what our experiences seem like from the inside: Our “internal” lives are still identical.

A widely discussed topic has been whether and how the methodology of testing philosophical accounts against examples (a methodology that is practiced in many areas of philosophy besides epistemology) can be profitably pursued, and the “post-Gettier” literature on the analysis of knowledge has been used as exhibit A of this methodology in action.

[For more introductory material on this topic, see Matthias Steup’s Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy article, ?

There is an important division between two main types of accounts of these matters — that between .

According to the epistemic internalist, these matters depend primarily on factors internal to the believer’s point of view and/or factors to which the believer has special access.

short answer to our title question is that epistemology is the theory of knowledge.

In fact, so far as I can tell, “epistemology” and “theory of knowledge” are used interchangeably in, for instance, college course catalogues.


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