Essay About My Life After High School

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After you walk across that stage in June, everything is going to change. You’ll be reminded of how you got here, what you learned, and what experiences were most meaningful to you.As another fellow graduating senior, here’s what these past four years of high school have taught me.

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While you may not be motivated to get to work right away, you’ll be reminded that you need to.

Eventually, you need to face the reality that you can’t slack forever.

It’s crazy how quickly you can be assimilated into a group and how your lifestyle reflects that. It’s basically a social norm to wait until the last minute to do something you’ve had weeks or even months to complete.

Having like-minded individuals around you is a major component in a great high school experience. Ultimately, it’s all a matter of staying true to what you believe personally and following your moral compass, even in the foggiest conditions. You’re hunched over your notes, knuckles white and shaky from too much Red Bull, eyeballs rereading the words over and over, with the hopes that your brain will retain enough information to regurgitate out tomorrow and get a passing grade on that final your teacher had been reminding you about since Day One. So is it possible for a student to succeed despite their egregious work ethic?

The sting is less harsh when you take baby steps to get there.

Procrastination is looked lowly upon, but if done correctly, it can actually be more effective than preparing ahead of time. The last important lesson high school taught me is that…

But if you’re like me and also want to have a good academic standing, then unfortunately, those enjoyable activities may have to be put aside.

That’s why finding a balance is an important skill to master.

When I was supposed to be studying for the ACT, I put off all my studying and instead worked on my latest story.

Even though I regretted my lack of preparation on test day, I still had some comfort in knowing I was using my abilities in a different outlet, with different benefits.


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