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We laugh at those “freaks” hugging trees in the park, or walking barefoot on grass.However, these people remember what is essential—what most others have forgotten somewhere along the race to progress and prosperity: the key to being healthy, emotionally sustained and resistant to everyday stress is staying connected to nature and allowing ourselves to put all business on hold and take a break (Swang 54).Outside of the Smokies, nearly every North Carolina forest, woodlot, and patch of big oaks has been timbered, plowed, grazed, grown over, cut, forgotten, and grown up, time and time and sometimes time again.

After all, is it not ironic how people go to galleries and exhibitions to look at paintings of colorful flowers, mighty woods, green hills, and fast clear streams; those simple beauties can easily be observed in real life outside of the urban environment which looms around them.

Or the fact people purchase recordings of calming sounds of nature, like what you would hear at night in the woods—a damped quavering of an owl, a ringing flare of crickets, and the sonorous rustle of bushes.

Needless to say, back when humanity’s main achievements were the invention of a round wheel, or specific tools for farming agriculture, human beings were dependent on nature and paid attention to the changes of its course (George 24).

Now, with technological revolutions and discoveries that made up our past history, we seem to pay little attention to nature, getting more and more disconnected from it every day.

Most of the time, it’s a rocking motion under my boots that gives me pause, an undulation, like I’m walking on the crests of an easy-going ocean. They are the remnants of some tenant farmer’s back 40 acres of corn, or some homesteader’s patch of long-gone beans or cotton or tobacco, now grown up in soaring pines and oaks and gums.

But early and late in the day, when shadows pool in the bottoms of those old, forgotten furrows, they are as plain as day.

Follow it uphill, and you might find a homestead oak.

In an open farmstead yard, oak trees spread branches out on all sides, low to the ground, and they’re easy to spot in younger, tangled woods.

What we are in fact doing is trying to deceive our minds and make ourselves believe we In the era of absolute informational chaos and noise, it becomes more important than ever to be able to pause from the crazy pace of life and relax.

Finding silence and peace in the global vacuum of competitiveness, haste, and strain is challenging.


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