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While on hand my mother has s soft heart, it is my father who shows courage and strength which his children will later on imbibe as their qualities.

He can be firm at times, but be rest assured it is always for the benefit of the children.

He is the one whom I can rely upon blindly during any hour of need, and I know that he shall be there for me.

Importance of My Father in My Life: My father plays an important role in the family.

My father has shown himself to be a very peaceful and polite person. What he tries to do is that he makes sure that I realise the mistake that I have made in a very polite way and helps me to get better and this has been working like magic for many years now. He is always there for every member of the family to help us in times when we need his advice and direction in taking decisions.

Anytime we have a problem, we take it to him, he tries to help us by sharing some of the problems that he also faced in the past that are quite similar to our problem and how he was able to overcome them.It is safe for me to say that my father is largely the reason behind my present joy and happiness.I can say that I am the person who I am today and the person that I am growing to be, is all because of the influence he has had and is having on me.My Father – My Role Model: My father is my role model for many reasons. That is why he is so respected in his office as well.He is always there to help his colleagues even if it is not his work.I can discuss everything with my father, even those that I dare not speak in front of my mother.I know that he shall keep it a secret and give the advice I need.He is in fact considered as the head of the family.However, I feel that both father and mother have a distinctive role to play in bringing up their children.I can boldly say that my dad is a very good dad and this is not as a result of him always helping me and being nice to me but because he shows great strength, knowledge, a good helping and nice nature. My father’s parents were very poor when he was growing up but with hard work and patience, my father was able to become very rich.He uses this as an example to encourage me to always work hard.


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