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Para three - In addition to this, Macbeth is disturbing nature by replacing water and “Neptune’s ocean” with red, therefore with his blood, therefore with a heightened and erratic state of danger because his guilt leads him to feel this way.This could imply that by replacing such a large place “Neptune’s ocean” with these emotions, he is eradicating any emotions other than this, such as happiness, tranquility and peace.Perhaps Lady Macbeth’s descent into doggerel and rhyme could be Shakespeare’s attempt in linking them spiritually, in order to represent how her social status is beginning to deteriorate, because the witches represent the hatred of witchcraft in the shakespearean era, and therefore their social status is perhaps the lowest in the play.

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This could reinforce the idea of the chain of being, wherein Shakespeare is playing directly to the zeitgeist of the Shakespearean audience to suggest that, by committing such a serious sin of regicide, there is a punishment of morality and personal deficiency, where emotions such as those associated with good can no longer exist because they are overtaken by guilt and regret for not serving their most superior figure in the correct way.

Alternatively, perhaps by replacing the “multitudinous seas” with this ominous colour of red, he is also murdering the nature beneath the sea level, and most of the planet because the ocean covers a wider mass of Earth.

Her speech adapts throughout the tragedy, from Act 1 scene 5, when her speech is of a Great lady; her speeches are in blank verse and the strong rhythm of iambic pentameter declare her sense of purpose and confidence.

However, by act 5 scene 1 this seems to have deteriorated as she speaks in prose, which is choppy and abrupt, even descending to doggerel with the rhyme of “Fife” and “wife”.

In addition to this, Macbeth is making the whole “ocean” “red” with Duncan’s blood, to suggest that instead of cleansing him, the sin is instead becoming the water, and is spreading, eventually becoming worse.

This is particularly effective, as it could foreshadow the demise yet to come, as if the sin is spreading, becoming an “ocean”, it implies that the guilt Macbeth is feeling because he cannot be cleansed, is going to become much larger, perhaps large enough to fill an “ocean”, to fill and cover the plot of the play from now on, just as the ocean does the earth.This is definitely a level 6 answer (I will award this a 29 out of 30): Your response is critical, exploratory and well-structured and I personally like the fact of how you added your own interpretation to the ideas you spoke about (makes your response authentic which makes examiners award students a grade 9).You also analyse language, structure and form effortlessly with flair which most students are not comfortable with doing with great use of subject terminology.An instance of this is also in Act 2 Scene 2, when Macbeth utters the words “Amen stuck in my throat” .Macbeth’s inability to speak the word “Amen” here, illustrates his separation and lack of protection from God because he no longer feels the underlying christianity and warmth, due to the guilt.This is because “smell” is a paramount part of human function that allows us to configure and perform ordinary daily tasks, and to suggest that it is obstructed by a permanent and ongoing stench of “blood” suggests that it is further obstructing normal function from occurring because there is nothing to smell but “blood”.Therefore, perhaps because it has disrupted its normal function, it symbolises how it has permanently affected Lady Macbeth’s mind, not only is her speech and language interrupted, through her use of rhyme and doggerel “fife” and “wife”, but also she is losing her sense, and that it what makes her human.please could someone read through this lit essay for GCSE 9-1 and give it a rough mark out of 30 much appreciated Guilt is a key theme in Macbeth and can be seen as largely responsible for Macbeth’s tyrannous rule and his wife’s demise and death.Guilt can be seen through the pattern of speech in the play, and its progression as the guilt consumes Lady Macbeth’s sanity and mental wellbeing.In this way, perhaps Shakespeare is implying that by committing the sin of regicide, the guilt that comes as a consequence is able to dehumanise a character completely, by not only erasing their speech, but senses and eventually their ability to think reason.The presence of guilt in Macbeth is wonderfully demonstrated through the use of biblical allusions throughout the play, which reveal how the murder of King Duncan affects the passage of religion and spirituality.


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