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He and his advisers were able to get the missiles out of Cuba through a blockade, combined with a secret Cuba-Turkey missile trade.Kennedy’s outlook contrasts markedly with the administration of President George W. In the aftermath of the missile crisis, Kennedy and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev achieved a treaty banning nuclear tests in the atmosphere, a major breakthrough.

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As senator, he pushed to have poverty at the top of the government's social agenda.

Unlike other politicians, he went into the backwaters of Appalachia and the hollows of Eastern Kentucky and the Ozarks to sit and talk to poor families about their every struggle to stay alive.

President Kennedy early on made a dramatic public commitment to carry out a successful manned moon landing, including safe return to earth.

A number of technological innovations resulted from the mammoth space effort, including extreme miniaturization of electronics.

RFK later wrote a report calling for senate sanctions of Mc Carthy's behaviour. His view of the world was essentially Manichaean — divided by good and evil, heroes and villains, right or wrong.

For him there was no middle ground; you were either for or against.

The post-assassination Bobby was a very different figure from the cutthroat JFK attorney general.

The death of his brother somehow triggered in him a sense of his own mortality, and a burning need to set aright the balance of the world.

RFK was relentless in pursuit of the mafia, while simultaneously gangsters were recruited for the effort to kill Castro. Regarding organized crime, a decade passed before the Nixon administration returned to prosecution, notably with the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) legislation.

People around Robert Kennedy were puzzled by his marked disinterest in possible conspiracy in the assassination.


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