Essay High School Students 2010

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More than half of the students in the sample were Latino/Hispanic.” Download here (PDF).

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To keep up with what’s changing (and what isn’t), observers must know where to look.

There’s the booming ed-tech industry, with corporate titans and small startups alike vying for a slice of an $8 billion-plus yearly market for hardware and software.

The outcomes measured ranged from civic knowledge, behaviors, and dispositions to school engagement factors, such as attachment to school and enjoyment of coursework, that generally predict academic success.

Essay High School Students 2010

Students came from sites in the southeast, north central, and western parts of the United States.

Despite the massive investments that many school systems are making, the evidence that digital personalized learning can improve student outcomes or narrow achievement gaps at scale remains scattered, at best.

Additional resources: Increasingly, schools are moving to provide students with their own laptop computer, netbook, or digital tablet.

For all the technological progress, though, implementation remains a major challenge.

Schools and educators across the country continue to wrestle with the changing role of teachers, how to balance flexible and “personalized” models with the state and federal accountability requirements they still must meet, and the deeper cultural challenge of changing educators’ long-standing habits and routines.


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