Essay How Can We Promote Tourism

In tourism management studies, concepts destination management and destination marketing though different tends to be used interchangeably.This misconception has led to poor sustainable tourism planning and management of tourism impacts.Destination marketing organizations thus refers to any organization charged with the responsibility of selling identifiable destinations (Pike, 2004, p.105).

The second main part is an analysis of concepts of destination management and destination marketing.

The third part is a discussion of impacts of misunderstanding of concepts destination management and destination marketing and finally a conclusion and recommendations part.

Destination is a fundamental component of a country’s tourism system because virtually all tourism activities occur at destinations (Ana, 2008, p. Destinations vary from cities to villages, states to provinces, continents to countries to purposively built resort areas (Ana, 2008, p.

919; School of Travel Industry Management, 2006, p.2; Tzsér & David, 2009, p. At the primary level, destinations are fundamentally local communities founded on local government borders (Jamal & Robinson, 2003, p.449).

Essentially, destination management is a process of leading and coordinating tourism activities under a logical plan by destination management organizations (World Tourism Organization, 2007, p.2).

Essay How Can We Promote Tourism

Destination management demands that, different organizations pull together guided by a common objective.

Destination marketing is a process through which “a country’s tourism organizations and/or tourist businesses identify the target potential and current tourists in order to inform them and sway their wishes, likes and dislikes, motivations and needs at local, national, regional, and global levels” (Wahab et al, 1976, p.24).

Therefore, relevant tourism stakeholders devise and embrace their tourist products through such process in a bid to attain maximum tourist satisfaction.

Therefore, a local tourism destination is a physical space where a tourist stays for not less than one night (World Tourism Organization, 2007, p.1).

It is pertinent to note that a local tourism destination includes things such as “attractions, support services, and tourism resources in a day’s return travel period” (World Tourism Organization, 2007, p.1).


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