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“Have faith that your efforts will be rewarded.” That’s it.Focus on your customers: “Somewhere there is an entrepreneurial graveyard filled with stories of “I needed more time” and “I needed more money.” When I read this quote in Forbes magazine sometime ago the first thing that crossed my mind was how important it is to focus on customers.Every “true” entrepreneur knows that there will be never enough time or money to make things right when starting a new business. What is is the single most important lesson you have learned in your life?I spent a long time this weekend reflecting on this question – and today, I am going to share my answer with you.The founder of Lo Bella, an organization committed to helping women stay true to who they are, Loren is also a lead facilitator for international seminars and host of the Voice America show as well as a featured guest on many morning and radio shows nationwide.Loren also believes that we need to go beyond our own backyards and serve other women around the globe.So it’s vital to focus on the most important thing, which is the customer.To understand the importance of knowing customers, imagine an entrepreneur with a flawless and innovative product but doesn’t have enough customers to sustain the business and the opposite is true. goal is to make meaning and make the world a better place they most likely are going to succeed and make money.Now that may sound like a productivity lesson, but to me it’s really a recipe for happiness and success.To me, this isn’t some rose colored, idealistic view of the world.


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