Essay On Failure Is The Best Passport To Success

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One cannot be successful until they have reached this mindset of happiness; it is not possible for one to be successful unless they are happy with their goals and achievements.Successfulness is the ability to understand what goals you strive for in life, and prioritizing so that you are able to achieve them.

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With this thought in mind, you're succeeding even when you fail.But if you keep going when the yeses of life are falling at your feet, the sky is the limit!It's natural to be excited about our successes. Yes, you want to give yourself a reward or even throw a party.Follow the Johari Window technique to identify blind spots in your self-perception, uncover hidden strengths, and allow for new opportunities to come your way.Tina Essmaker The hunt and capture of inspiration requires patience, craftiness, and sometimes brute force.We asked three creatives about the traps to set for when inspiration comes your way and how to hold on for dear life once you've got it.Laura Entis illustration of the ten human skills amidst a city with a soft green background and an arm reaching out to it " data-medium-file=" they actually counted the number of times they hear "no" during a typical day or week, most people would be shocked to see how low the number actually is. For example, rather than a salesperson setting the goal of having two prospects say "yes" to them, they set the goal of being rejected (hearing "no") 10 times.Imagine the first two prospects they called on said, "Yes!But, if the key to success is to increase our failures, then it only makes sense to celebrate our set backs as well. All the courage you could ever want or need to achieve every goal you have is already in you, just waiting for you to take action.Yes, you heard right: if someone turns you down, instead of mentally punishing yourself for not succeeding, reward yourself for making the effort by buying an ice cream cone or specialty coffee and say, "I'm one step closer to success! Use and develop your "courage muscle" by looking fear in the eye and taking action anyway. So, change your mental models, intentionally increase your failure rate, set "no" goals, celebrate your failures and see courage as a muscle, and you'll significantly increase your success rate in six months guaranteed.


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