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Mukundaraj, Dnyaneshwar and Namdev are the three poets belonging to Mahanubhava sect.

Mukundaraj wrote Vivekasindhu which is considered as the first major work in Marathi.

Standard Marathi and the Warhadi Marathi are the major dialects of the language.

There are a few other sub-dialects like Ahirani, Dangi, Samavedi, Khandeshi and Chitpavani Marathi.

It had risen to a high literary level, and the literary works like Karpurmanjari and Saptashati written in 150 BC speak volumes of the high profile it held.

Maharashtri Prakrit was the most widely used Prakrit language in western and southern India, spoken from Malwa and Rajputana in the north to Krishna and Tungabhadra in the south.

Vaman Pandit (Yathartha Dipika), Raghunath Pandit (Nala Damayanti Swayamvara) and Shridhar Pandit (Pandavpratap, Harivijay and Ramvijay) were the other prominent poets of the 18th century.

The Old Marathi literature is represented by both prose and poetry.

Like the corresponding periods in other Indian languages, this was the period dominated by English- educated intellectuals.

In the beginning of the 20th century, Marathi literature and drama well flourished.


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