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Keeping customers happy and returning ensures the company will continue to thrive and grow.Without returning customers, a company would begin to see profitability fall.The marketing manager has a vast amount of responsibilities including measuring the success of the company.

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A good marketing manager will take the time to evaluate the data that is not satisfactory and find a way to fix it.

Marketing planning is setting marketing goals, choosing marketing strategies, and developing activities to achieve them over a certain period.

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Maintaining a high brand value implies managing its development: maintaining or enhancing the degree of consumer confidence in the brand, improving the quality and functionality of the product, and strengthening positive consumer associations, as well as the highest level of service.

Marketing managers play a huge role in the marketing of the company they work for.

There is more to marketing when it comes to being a market manager.These require using strategies that appeal to the desired target market.A marketing strategy designed to appeal to children would be bright, colorful, possibly have happy music, and childlike advertisements.The following topics are addressed to students who study direct marketing in order to give ideas for their essays.These topics are one of the tools that can help you to write a quality marketing essay on your own. Customer satisfaction and profitability are only a few of the measurements used to determine the success of a company.Marketing managers also have to evaluate the happiness of employees, turnover rate, and work efficiency.We want to introduce you topics in brand management that can help you to strengthen your writing skills.Direct marketing is the art and science of direct impact on the consumer for the purpose of selling goods or services and developing direct relationships with the client.Knowing how to strategize according to statistics requires organization, concentration, and a wealth of knowledge.Marketing managers plan according to the target market and customer satisfaction.


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