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Does the study of economics itself discourage moral behavior?After a rough day at work, or when the bills come due, many of us feel what Henry David Thoreau meant when he wrote in 1854: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” Indeed, philosophers since the time of Aristotle have drawn a line separating economic life from a life that is virtuous or well lived.Critiques of the relationship between economics and moral virtue can be grouped under three main headings: To what extent does ordinary economic life hold a capacity for virtue?

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Essays should articulate with clarity the ethical or moral issue and analyze what it has taught you about ethics and yourself.

Essays may include reference to published scholarship, but must be original, unpublished work and should reflect your individual voice.

My morals are based on what I believe is right and wrong and they are not negotiable.

If I know, in my heart, that something is wrong, I will not try to come up with reasons to make it right.

In today's society, people are far too influenced by money and class.

Class and race barriers that keep many people in b ...For example, Aristotle wrote in the , “The life of money-making is one undertaken under compulsion, and wealth is evidently not the good we are seeking; for it is merely useful and for the sake of something else.” These philosophers note that people often work only to earn money for such necessities as food, shelter, and clothing.In contrast, they point to a range of freely chosen human activities that are better aligned with virtuous behavior: love and friendship, art and music, bravery in war, participation in the community, healing the sick, helping the poor, and so on.For example, when I have a project to complete and I know that it is important to do it on time, I will not make excuses to procrastinate.In addition, I will not participate in behavior that is harmful to someone else just because everyone else is doing it.Even in the earliest years of my life, these rules seemed fairly basic and simple to understand.The scripture basically told me not to kill, steal, lie, disobey my parents, or be jealous of what my neighbors and friends had.As soon as I was able to read, my parents made me memorize the Ten Commandments.In addition, they took the time to explain each and every one to me.I prefer to pray to God and live a good life, as opposed to adhering to strict religious guidelines.My morals and ethical values are strongly influenced by my family.


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