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“The close relationship between contemporary feminist politics and historical practice means that women’s history is still able to excite enthusiasm and is constantly changing, developing new areas to research and new concepts and approaches with which to analyse them” (Women’s History, n.d.). If you’ve ever considered getting writing help, then Essay is the best place for you.When Alice Schwarzer a representative of the German feminism, was asked about the role of feminism today, she answered: “Today, the world is open to women! We have reached this great success thanks to our persistence and struggle for justice. You will be able to get a high-quality paper without effort.

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It was traditionally thought that the essence of a woman was determined through a series of negative characteristics.

The woman was considered a defective and dependent creature, lower than men, limited and weak, and who was supposed to serve man and be useful to him.

In a narrow sense it is the women’s movement, which has a goal to eliminate discrimination against them.

The first demands for equality were put forward by women during the American Revolutionary War.

The emergence of the third stage refers to the 1990s and it is existing now.

For many years women have been considered to be the secondary figure.If you choose our service as your helper, you will easily deal with any writing assignment. (1) Introduction: women, nation and national development (2) Feminists as well as the conservative view of the issue (3) Women adding not only fruits but also some worries to the Western plate (4) The need to bring them forward (5) The situation in the third world countries (6) Conclusion: Certainly, a nation comprises of both men and women: in principle, both of the sexes are responsible for the prosperity and development of the state and nation.When members of this organization were subjected to arrests and imprisonment for trivial manifestations of supporting the movement, many of them decided to express their protest by hunger strike.The result of the hunger strike could be seen in the undermined health of participants. Under pressure from the WSPU the English Parliament passed a series of laws aimed at improving the status of women and which gave the women the right to vote in local elections.Unfortunately, in the third world countries women are considered incapable to support the national cause.Some may favor the stance with logic but others have their own philosophy.The second stage of feminism involved the ideas and actions associated with the women’s liberation movement, which began to develop in the 1960s and advocated for legal and social equality for both women and men.If the first wave was focused on issues such as the right to vote, the second concentrated on issues of equality – such as the elimination of discrimination.In liberal branches of Protestant Christianity, women may be members of the clergy. The fact of intensification of the women’s movement contributed to the formulation of a number of serious theoretical and philosophical problems.That is why the result of women’s significance is expressed in the emergence of special academic research on the topic of women, entailing the establishment of departments of universities, centers, and programs specializing in this subject.


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