Essay On Success Comes To Those Who Dare And Act

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The following essay will discuss both views in details.

The following essay will discuss both views in details.

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By having a good measurable planning, they would already anticipate and mitigate the risk should there be any failure in the plan.

In my opinion, I believe in the combination of both ideas as people must have plans and dreams in their life and the way to achieve that dream is through making action plans and take the risk.

To sum up, personally, I think that all people who succeeded in life would agree with me that their success came with the hard work and careful planning.

Being successful in life depends on so many factors like hard work, planning etc..

Second, careful planning teaches people to arrange their time more carefully in order to reach their goals. From the other hand, people who prefer to take risks without planning may spend more time without any improvements waiting for a chance to take. They exercise a lot before their performance to be in shape, do all their best and improve their previous results.

Finally, careful planning teaches them not to give up, try to find other ways to reach their goals in the case of failure.

So this will increase the chance of success in your job and career.

But It should also be considered that every decision is followed by some unavoidable consequences.

Though no one would like to admit, luck too plays a key role sometimes in the success or failure of an individual.

That's precisely why we should take calculated risks.


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