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The idea of a paperless office, and more broadly a paperless society, has been percolating for a half century.Paper, after all, is an old technology that’s not terribly efficient and is environmentally costly. Each year the world produces around 300 million tons of paper, which requires almost 4 billion trees to be cut down, according to the Association for Information and Image Management.

The idea of a paperless office, and more broadly a paperless society, has been percolating for a half century.

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Check out the strip from last week with two kids twittering to each other and one telling the other that he’d heard that kids used to write notes on paper and secretly pass them around in class, BT (before twitter). Will we all go out and buy Kindles or something similar? As a person who embraces new technology, I still like the feel of some things in magazine form.

And as I feel my 18 year old represents to some degree “the test market of the future”, I appreciate that he still looks at magazines, even though most of them are game and music pubs.

Several thousand years later, the ancient Greeks wrote on parchment, made from animal skins, as did others after them.

Vellum was originally a type of parchment made from calf skin.

Not to mention the older, technophobic bosses who had their e-mails printed out by their assistants to read on the train, scribbling their responses back rather than actually use email.

They go on to point out that the use of paper in the office is just now starting to wane and is a function of the sociological change of the younger generation growing in responsibilities.Go Paperless Solutions has created a vision to take business into the paperless future!The environmental impact of paper production, processing, and distribution as well as the business costs and efficiency losses of using paper has been a driving factor for Go Paperless Solutions business model and product offering.Paper has a much longer history, though writing didn’t start with it. The Sumerians are most often credited with inventing writing, along with civilization, around 4000 B. Instead of sending texts and tweets about what they ate for lunch, the Sumerians recorded their inventories of grain and other supplies on soft clay, which they hardened by baking in the sun.The ancient Egyptians famously used papyrus, made from the spongy material inside the stems of reeds growing in shallow water, which they rolled into scrolls.It may have happened in the early second century A. This is the same plant used in the cultivation of marijuana, though not all cannabis varieties produce psychoactive leaves and flowers.Hemp has long been used in the making of cloth, rope, and other materials as well.From China papermaking spread to Korea and other parts of Asia along with Central Asia, Persia, Egypt, and Morocco. the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II declared that all official documents written on paper were invalid.Paper was introduced to Europe by the Moors, the Muslim invaders of Spain, in the twelfth century A. Because of paper’s Muslim connections, the Christian world initially rejected it in favor of traditional parchment. The dramatic improvements of the printing press by the German Johannes Gutenberg around 1440 and the consequent mechanization of bookmaking sealed the fate of paper.The oldest surviving material onto which humans have expressed themselves was the stone walls inside caves, beginning about 40,000 years ago. But it has been paper, over time, that has most transmitted learning and accelerated the advancement of culture and civilization.The Chinese were the ones who invented paper, though the archeological evidence about the exact timing isn’t definitive. Among the first materials used in making paper was hemp.


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