Essay Potna You Cant Do It Like Me

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But once again, Stella was there in my head saying, “Someone needs to tell this story. Let me.” And when Stella chose her story, she also chose the man I’d been adamant wasn’t right for her. Those two characters who I thought were too alike aren’t so alike anymore. And maybe she’s been getting harassing emails and messages for months from people who don’t even know her, but hate her all the same. Secondly, I’ll be returning to indie publishing for the remainder of the Rusk series.

And Stella needs Ryan to help her hold on to that vibrant and strong girl she was before. As you can probably tell, this story means a great deal to me.

If you have a story like Stella’s, and you want your voice to be heard….

If there’s something you wish more people understood about what you’ve gone through….

I can remember vividly sitting on my couch, brainstorming how I would incorporate such an event into the book. She was hilarious and strong and didn’t take crap from anyone. She’s the kind of girl that probably has a reputation. It’s about the way the rest of the world moves on to the next big tragedy, and you’re still left holding the broken pieces of who you used to be, with no idea how to put them together again or even if you want to. It’s a story that belongs to a new person every 107 seconds*. So now I’ll step off my soapbox and just tell you about the book… When he hits it off with another girl from the project, Stella will have to decide if she’s willing to do more than make art about intimacy.

I had thought the assault would happen to an unknown character, and maybe I would focus on the way it divided the team and the school and the town. Sometimes a character will become bigger and more human than I anticipated. The kind of girl who could be heinously and violently taken advantage of, and people would STILL blame her. Maybe something terrible happened to her that she can’t even remember. His everything and anything that she would give him. To keep him, she’ll have to open up and let herself be the one thing she swore she’d never be again.

*WARNING: This letter contains spoilers for All Broke Down.

If you haven’t yet read that book, read at your own peril. So I actually rewrote some of their scenes trying to make that aspect of their connection more obvious.


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