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The first cause of world war II was the intense anger over the Versailles Treaty.

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Before then the Nazis had enjoyed unmatched success as they conquered and subdued most of continental Europe.

After the Battle, they lost more territory than they gained even though the War dragged on for four more years.

Economists and historians continue to this day to debate the proximate causes of the Great Depression.

But even after due allowance has been made for the effects of the American stock market’s "Great Crash" in 1929 and for the policies of the United States Federal Reserve System, there can be little doubt that the deepest roots of the crisis lay in the several chronic infirmities that World War I had inflicted on the international political and economic order.

They were also a victor over Germany and they wanted to gain control over China as reward for their participation in the war.

This, however, did not happen and they were angry over the situation.The Great Depression was a worldwide catastrophe whose causes and consequences alike were global in character."The primary cause of the Great Depression," reads the first sentence of President Herbert Hoover’s , "was the war of 1914–1918." And that so-called Great War, along with the Depression it spawned, was the driver that eventually produced the even greater catastrophe of World War II.Each respectively distilled the experience and defined the historical legacy of a century.Each embraced a pair of episodes with lastingly transformative impacts.To understand the logic and the consequences of those three moments is to understand much about the essence and the trajectory of all of American history.To a much greater degree than in the earlier cases, the changes set in motion by the Great Depression and World War II had their origins outside the United States—a reminder of the increasing interdependency among nations that was such a salient feature of the twentieth century.They were angry because they thought that the land that they had received as a payment for their participation in the Allied effort against Germany did not offset the cost of the war, nor did it satisfy their ambitions to grow.The final country that was angry over the Versailles Treaty was Japan.Out of all the wars that the world has gone through, none has been more devastating as world war II. Well, world war II had six major causes: anger over the Versailles Treaty, the failure of peace efforts after world war I, the rise of Fascism, the goals of Hitler, the isolationism by America and Britain, and the re-armament of Europe.This paper will go over each of these causes individually and then draw some conclusions about world war II.


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