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Students with a strong performance based orientation are able to tactically change their orientation from shallow to deep, for example, depending on how teachers reward performance.Students with this kind of orientation plan their studies well, set timetables and develop successful study strategies. We encourage you also to learn more from the literature on good study habits, e.g. Top Independent information retrieval as well as its processing and critical evaluation are an integral part of your studies.

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These are not inborn traits; we have learned and developed them and many others through the course of our lives.

(Ringom 1994.) As a student, you are given an excellent opportunity to develop not just your study skills, but also many other skills useful in life.

Contents: Study Orientation The ABC of Finding Information Reading Techniques Writing Oral Presentations Cooperation Classes and Attendance E-Learning Exam Success Cheating Assesment and Feedback Time Management The Right Study Attitude Free Advice Further Reading When we start our studies, all of us already have different kinds of study skills.

Our motivation springs from different sources, as does our general attitude to our studies.

Motivation is driven more by an interest in the topic, and less by performance as such. In addition, the student shows that he or she has understood the big picture, and may illuminate upon this by means of examples.

Students that have a deep orientation generally also enjoy their studies.Each unit library mainly stocks literature on the topics studied in the unit.However, students have the right to borrow materials from all the unit libraries.Top You may sometimes feel overwhelmed by exam literature or pending projects if you don’t have the right reading and study habits.Indeed, as a university student, it is probable that you need to constantly develop these skills. Reading scientific texts is very different from leisure time reading.Study orientation can be classified into four basic types (Lonka 1996): SHALLOW ORIENTATION is characterised by learning by memorisation at the expense of understanding.The student who adopts this orientation often simply aims to pass rather than to genuinely learn new things.Students who adopt this orientation have an easier time learning both the detail and the big picture because the topics studied are placed in a meaningful context.A deep orientation fosters interest in conclusions and how they are made.SOCIAL ORIENTATION is characterised by high interest in the social aspect of studies, rather than studies as such.A strong social orientation often also correlates with poor study success.


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