Essay Writing Save Our Mother Earth

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However, if you wish, you can bring all glass products to the reception center of glass packaging, and you can give all paper products in trash.

You should be sure, that there were no dangerous domestic waste products in the trashcans.

Check the pressure of wheels, free your car from heavy things – it will lead to less use of gasoline. You can leave your computer or microwave turned on and go to do some business, thinking that it is nothing. I advise to turn off all instruments, which you do not need at the moment. Therefore, usage the shower instead of bath will be the better choice.

Another piece of advice – turn off engine, while you are standing at one place for long time. It will be better to turn off the tap, while you clean your teeth or soap your body.

Earth is the only planet in the universe, where life originated.

We can certainly say that Earth is our mother and we are her children. What useful things have we done to our mother then?It has been a symbol of friendship and support among all people in the saving of life on the planet without wars and destruction for years.Now it is installed in every country, which understands the importance of Earth Day.You can take part in sabbatarians, public actions in making the city green, without spending any money and for rehabilitation your organism. They do not have to refuse using cars in favor of public transport.Take part with your parents or your beloved person – so you will not only do the pleasure for the environment, but also for yourself and your family, because the collective work, as you know, brings together. Instead, they just have to reduce expenditure of gasoline. Scientists ask everyone on the planet to take care about the resources of water and to spend water only reasonably.Every year scientists of all world gather on this day with aim to discuss global ecological problems and offer the ways of their solution.With aim to protect and improve the environment, people held different exhibitions and festivals concerning the Earth, take part in conferences about the problem of environment, make their streets and areas near their houses clean, observe the traffic on the busy streets of cities. We must remember that everyone can take part, including you. Help the Earth to Heal her Wounds There are a few simple tips on improving environmental conditions.Ecologists try to teach the residents of all countries to do this.There are litterbins of different colors on the streets – for paper, glass, and other waste. The only problem is in that, the trash on the landings and in the yards, as a rule, has no difference at any type of garbage.There is a massive destruction of forests, pollution of seas and oceans.We are increasingly impoverishing resources of our planet.


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