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The books, essays, and speeches that you can read here provide a sampling of Helen Keller's writings that are contained in the collection.Are you stuck in a reading rut, and can't seem to find a good book in all your usual places?

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From an early age she championed the rights of the underdog and used her skills as a writer to speak truth to power. Helen Keller wrote 14 books and over 475 speeches and essays on topics such as faith, blindness prevention, birth control, the rise of fascism in Europe, and atomic energy.

Her autobiography has been translated into 50 languages and remains in print to this day.

But sometimes there’s a need for more specific knowledge that will accelerate your progress.

If you want to produce great pieces of writing and impress your peers and teachers, you should take a look at the following list of best books on essay writing. A Professor’s Guide to Writing Essays: The No-Nonsense Plan for Better Writing by Dr.

Sweet, intimate, and powerful, this unforgettable collection is a tribute to books, and book-lovers, everywhere. will appeal to people who think they don't like essays, but know they believe in the resistance. A laugh-out-loud funny debut, Jenny Allen's hilarious musings run the gambit of everyday life, from the value of fat-free half-and-half and the internet's everlasting obsession with memes, to what it is like to live with a serious illness and the challenges motherhood presents, and everything in between.

Featuring powerful entries on racism, sexism, homophobia, sexual discrimination, and cancer, this passionate and poetic book will inspire readers to give other famed essayists a try. A comedic celebration of womanhood and growing up, these 35 short essays will have you second guessing why you ever avoided essays to begin with. are 16 funny, engaging pieces that explore the lives, deaths, and legacies of different celebrity animals named by humans.

Like having an intimate, often laugh-out-loud worthy, conversation with a new friend you made on the internet, reading this collection will convince essay-haters the format isn't all bad. is a love letter from the acclaimed author to his unborn daughter about the world she will soon be a part of.

Lush and evocative, this collection of short pieces reveal Knausgaard's keen observations about life, nature, humanity and everything around him in a miraculous way only the author knows how to do. explores the many stories that have shaped her experiences and influenced her life, from the young adult novels she read as a teen to the review books that have changed her world as an adult.

You can also become a better writer almost involuntarily, just by observing the world, living your life to the fullest, and reading everything you can put your hands on.

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