Essays Against Plea Bargaining

It was stated that plea bargaining doesn't reflect what really happened and the accused is not punished fairly.

I have already stated how Plea Bargaining does reach the truth therefore it is accurate.

In a majority of cases plea bargains is utilized to ensure that the truly guilty criminal is punished.

In our less than perfect world, plea bargaining is easily the lesser of the evils.

The affirmative speaker believes that plea bargaining does not reveal the truth.

He has said that there is often lying and inaccurate accounts of the truth as a result of plea bargaining. There may be cases where there is lying but every part of the court system will have a little of that.

But it is a compromise that is absolutely necessary for the judicial system to function.

While it may seem that a person who exchanges his testimony for a lighter sentence would have sufficient motivation to lie in court the fact is that his testimony is simply verifying the testimonies of other witnesses.

The accuracy is very accountable because in many cases there are other witnesses that confirm the testimony of the defendant.

Witnesses and/or victims are usually present at the case and testify to add additional information and verify the testimony of the defendant.


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