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Write the story in both of the twins' perspectives.Harry Potter In the past couple years, there has been a growing phenomenon in the world of children's literature, this phenomenon is Harry Potter. Before reading any of the now four novels, one may find it hard to believe that a children's novel may be so entertaining.This collection of new essays explores the m The generation of readers most heavily impacted by J. Rowling's Harry Potter series--those who grew up alongside "the boy who lived"--have come of age.

The film adaptation of the Half-Blood Prince premiered on July 15, 2009, one day short of the book celebrating its fourth year since it got published.

The film stars Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter, alongside Rupert Grint and Emma Watson, who played the roles of Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

Although I am a strong supporter of this book series, I do find one thing wrong with the books.

All the novels have endings which are almost the same, Harry saves the day and Voldemort the major antagonist gets defeated in one way or another.

However, using unique writing prompts can help you get started, and I've found that the best sparks of inspiration can be found in great books. Rowling offered you world of your own to escape to as a kid, and one that you can still call home. Opening up any one of the books will always give you chills up your spine and bring a smile to your face.

And the Harry Potter series is more than full of magical inspiration to get you motivated. And because of that, I've put together a list of the best Harry Potter quotes and paired them with a writing prompt to get you started. Rowling has said she was inspired by her favorite books as she wrote the Harry Potter series.Your big challenge: Don't write fan fiction — write your own stuff! Take a deep breath and get your quill and paper (or, well, Word document) ready, because inspiration is about to strike!Writing prompt: Imagine a world where "lost and found" boxes transport people back into their past to find something they lost long ago, like a prized possession or family heirloom.—Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Writing Prompt: Create a character who has sworn her life over to a society focused on doing evil in a world of good.Follow them throughout their journies.—Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Writing prompt: Start out with a character who has always had extraordinarily bad luck all of her life. Keep the stakes high.—Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Writing prompt: Imagine two young twins are told a similar prophesy, or just as threatening by their older sibling as a joke.When yet another terrible event happens, explain how she reacts differently for the first time ever.—Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Writing prompt: Instead of a House Elf, reimagine J. Rowling's quote with a different mythical creature — one that may exist, or one that you've created. Only one of them takes it seriously, and as they grow older, they begin to resent each other.The generation of readers most heavily impacted by J. Rowling's Harry Potter series--those who grew up alongside "the boy who lived"--have come of age.They are poised to become teachers, parents, critics and writers, and many of their views and choices will be influenced by the literary revolution in which they were immersed.Before first reading a Harry Potter novel, I was skeptical that a children's book about an orphan wizard going to school would be entertaining.But within 15 minutes I found Whether it is a fight for his life, winning a quidditch match, or just staying out of trouble, these novels are anything but boring.Bonus: Create a foil whom she'll meet and clash with — but end up falling in love with.—Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Writing Prompt: A character has just found an old, abandoned library with every single book thrown off of the shelves, but still in good shape.The only thing all the books have in common is each one is missing its 394th page. —Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Writing prompt: Place a boarding school in your hometown and imagine a group of students conducting the most epic prank to start out the year.


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