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Yet through words literature elevates and transforms experience beyond “mere” pleasure.Literature also functions more broadly in society as a means of both criticizing and affirming cultural values.

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Some literatures are treated separately by language, by nation, or by special subject (e.g., Arabic literature, Celtic literature, Latin literature, French literature, Japanese literature, and biblical literature).

Walter Pater referred to “the matter of imaginative or artistic literature” as a “transcript, not of mere fact, but of fact in its infinitely varied forms.” But such definitions assume that the reader already knows what literature is.

Some are in a highly polished literary style; others, couched in a privately evolved language, win their standing as literature because of their cogency, insight, depth, and scope.

of the 2nd-century Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius are a collection of apparently random thoughts, and the Greek in which they are written is eccentric.

when describing literature is itself misleading, for one may speak of “oral literature” or “the literature of preliterate peoples.” The art of literature is not reducible to the words on the page; they are there solely because of the craft of writing.

As an art, literature might be described as the organization of words to give pleasure.We offer searchable online literature for the student, educator, or enthusiast.To find the work you're looking for start by looking through the author index. Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address is known to every American schoolchild.Today, however, oratory is more usually thought of as a craft than as an art.All of the world’s classic surveys of history can stand as noble examples of the art of literature, but most historical works and studies today are not written primarily with literary excellence in mind, though they may possess it, as it were, by accident.essay was once written deliberately as a piece of literature: its subject matter was of comparatively minor importance.Today most essays are written as expository, informative journalism, although there are still essayists in the great tradition who think of themselves as artists.And indeed its central meaning, at least, is clear enough.Deriving from the Latin , “a letter of the alphabet,” literature is first and foremost humankind’s entire body of writing; after that it is the body of writing belonging to a given language or people; then it is individual pieces of writing.during an 18-month stint in solitary confinement started him on a path from prison to UC Berkeley, where he was majoring in English literature while struggling with the aftereffects of extreme isolation. But not everything expressed in words—even when organized and written down—is counted as literature.Those writings that are primarily informative—technical, scholarly, journalistic—would be excluded from the rank of literature by most, though not all, critics.


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