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There’s one—it’s a Valentine’s Day card, actually—it goes, ‘Grow old and disgusting with me.’” , she lays them out—going so far as to include “A Declaration of Grievances,” whose style is reminiscent of the Declaration of Independence.“Through shameless age-shaming, they silence us,” reads the first of 13 grievances.So, through her book, she’s hoisting the revolutionary flag again, calling for people of all ages to join the cause.

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The uglification industries include the fashion magazines and a lot of the portrait photography, and so on, that try to get people to believe that they need help with their appearance as they get older, which could be anything from hair dye to Botox to surgery.

There’s a kind of rule in critical age studies, and that is, look for the money.

And I would be encouraging them to look at their own circles—listen for ageist comments from their roommates.

Teachers—once you give them the concepts, they can run with it themselves.

SCF: The 13 items in your “Declaration of Grievances” are varied and inclusive.

Essays On Ageism

For example, you mention distorted depictions of older people in the arts, discriminatory laws and hiring practices, and the treatment of older people as burdens. MMG: The “Declaration of Grievances” covers the grievances that the book covers. Now when I started writing the book, I did not think that I was going to write the “Declaration of Grievances.” In fact, quite the contrary.

Then there are the people who want to cut out the social safety net—the entire Republican Congress right now.

They want to cut Social Security, Medicare—what I call the first-generation solutions to ageism. SCF: You want to start a revolution against ageism. MMG: Children should be where families start in anti-ageism.

I said to myself, “This is for a decade hence—or maybe two decades hence—when we really understand ageism.

That’s when somebody will write, in wonderful language, a declaration. It was almost serendipitous that by the end of the book, I could write it.


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