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Readers should note, however, that each essay is complete unto itself; they were not written to yield a single coherent model in which all the pieces fit neatly together.

Several cover overlapping territory (e.g., technology, which is apt to pervade our future), and others yield differing predictions about the same phenomenon (e.g., national standards and testing).

Follow that progress through the story of Rasheed, an impoverished Philadelphian who faced long odds at birth but just graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

PDF | View related video Tom Loveless: Time Spent on Learning American students devote more time to learning in 2030 than at any other time in history.

All but 10 percent are graduating from high school; 25 percent are completing college.

Public schools in the inner city have improved sharply, through twenty-first-century innovations-sophisticated technology and better teachers.PDF | View related video Eric Hanushek: An Evidence-Based World Although testing and accountability were contentious issues in the past, the school system of 2030 relies heavily on data.Schools, teachers, and parents all see better data as leading to improved schools.The opening essay by Paul Peterson seeks to show what education will be like in 2030 if nothing changes, that is, if today's trends are simply extrapolated.The following thirteen essays are clustered into Curriculum and Instruction (five essays), Standards and Testing (two), Governance and Finance (four), and Privatization and Choice (two).Private tutors are hired to shore up academic weaknesses, and schools offer Saturday workshops for remediation.The nation has come to realize that more time devoted to learning leads to higher achievement.Courts and collective bargaining agreements will also gain in influence.Meanwhile, high school graduation rates will fall, and learning will stagnate.Students attend school about seven hours a day, two hundred days a year.Homework averages two hours per night in high school.


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