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Another argument as to why curfews classify as unpleasant ideas lies under the category of teenage rebellion.The word stubborn describes teenagers extremely well, so when parents tell them they must abide by a strict curfew, some of them tend to become angry.

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Today law enforcement is criminalizing innocent activity because of curfews those years also.

These statistics bring us to a certain point where something must be done to decrease juvenile crime and keep teenagers safe.

In our community, instating a youth curfew would be an effective way to take care of both these tasks.

Whether believed or not, currently 146 out of 200 large cities such as Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona now enforce teen curfews.

No matter Since teenage drivers are often discriminated against for their driving skills, improvements are being looked into.

A survey on news stands today shows, “61 percent of teens admit to risky driving habits” (“Teens Risky Driving” 1).

Young people must learn that one punch can kill ... Despite this split, most violent crimes (63%) are committed by juveniles on school days.

and ruin so many lives.’‘ The criminal justice system can’t bring back the victims of alcohol fueled violence but it can do things to prevent this senseless alcohol driven violence. Nearly one-fifth (19 educational success, student who are problem reasserts are at high risk of being held back and dropping out of school (Siegel, p.6).(SLO#2) - Compare landmark juvenile justice case law The first curfew law was created in Omaha, Nebraska 1880, and today about 500 U. cities have curfews for teenage youth (Siegel, p.26).

Supporters of teen-curfew laws such as President Clinton, Congress be left to the parent or guardian responsible for that adolescent.

To come to a conclusion, teenage curfew restrictions can considerably be left up to the guardians responsible for housing them.


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