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As they continue their lessons, Franks world-weariness begins to show, and he is more down than up. In Act III, we see Rita rushing in late because of a talkative customer.He says that he wouldn’t hide so much from his girlfriend if she were more like Rita. Frank doesn’t care, but he mentions that her latest essay is rather short and that he has questions.

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She calls herself Rita after the author of her favorite book, .

She admits that her husband isn’t happy about her desire to improve herself and that she feels like she doesn’t want to be part of the ignorant masses anymore.

She gets a new flatmate, starts speaking differently, and continues her lessons.

When Frank gives her negative comments on an essay, she accuses him of only wanting a copy of himself.

He wants her to produce real criticism, but this is difficult for her to do.

She read a Forster book that Frank mentioned but couldn’t get into it because Forster mentioned that he hated poor people. Rita asks Frank if he is married, and he says that he was once.Rita reveals Denny burned all her things though out of anger because she is changing and trying to improve herself.Denny feels scared and betrayed by her changes, and believes that they already have choices.Frank agrees to teach her, but he is so jaded by academia that he ends up trying to get rid of her.She is relentless and persuades him to remain her tutor. She describes an environment in which everyone is trying to fit in, and she went along with the crowd.Rita tells Frank how hungry she is to learn and that the people around her have no culture.She is tired of listening to everyone’s inane conversations as a hairdresser and she’s looking for something more.She tells him later that she felt all wrong to show up.She didn’t feel like she was wearing the right things or bringing the right wine.They fight, but when he tells her that he read and liked it, which makes her laugh.Rita gets busier and busier and eventually, their meetings are few.


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