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The man would then be allowed to refuse financial or legal responsibility for the baby if he doesn't want to be a father.Should the child be born despite this, the biological father would not be legally or financially responsible for the child's upbringing.The role of a father is to contribute to the growth and development of a child.

The man would then be allowed to refuse financial or legal responsibility for the baby if he doesn't want to be a father.Should the child be born despite this, the biological father would not be legally or financially responsible for the child's upbringing.

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What if state lawmakers pass a law that says a married woman must inform her husband before she has an abortion?

The Supreme Court addressed this question in Planned Parenthood v.

Raising a child involves father participation, a large income and daily contact with both parents.

A father's participation in a son's life is more significant.

Fathers' Rights and Abortion: Consent If a man's pregnant partner seeks to have an abortion, the father's consent isn't legally required; a woman may choose to terminate a pregnancy against the father's objections.

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The legal reasoning for this is twofold, based on a woman's right to privacy in her medical decisions, and the fact that the mother is more directly affected by pregnancy.

If a prospective mother seeks to abort a pregnancy against a father's wishes, an attorney may be able to draft an agreement where the father agrees to pay the costs of pregnancy and obtain full custody after birth.

Similarly, if a father doesn't wish to be fully responsible for child support, informal child support agreements between parents are possible.

While discussions about abortion often focus on the rights of a mother or unborn child, there have been efforts to elevate fathers' rights in abortion decisions through notice requirements or "opt outs." After all, expectant fathers might oppose a pregnant mother's decision to terminate a pregnancy or, conversely, may not wish to assume the responsibilities of fatherhood and oppose the carrying of a pregnancy to term.

While courts have largely treated fathers' rights in abortion decisions as secondary to those of the mother, other means exist for fathers to influence the decision, namely, through private agreements.


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