Essays On Passions In Life

I want to get my degree at the university that I will transfer to and become a pharmacist.As of the goals in my life, I can keep moving forward and change myself each day to become a better person.

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I always had a passion to know about my future, if it is going to be bad or good.

I always want to have a good future for myself to show myself what I have become in life.

According to many who knew him, he was a courteous and gentle man; but for those, including me, who knew him only through his books, his writing conveys a feeling of controlled outrage, as if he were working hard to convert indignation into argument.

Lasch, who was a professor of history at the University of Rochester at the time of his death, was angry about the condition of American society.

They also are the ones who teach me how to learn from my mistakes and tell me what’s good for me and what’s bad.

There are many ways I have passion for my family because they are the ones who are always beside me no matter what.I don’t know what the world or people would be like without having any goals to set in their lives for a better future.Last, but not the least the most important passion I have for is to have a good future.It was quite hard at first to choose, but then I thought about the most important ones. The first thing that came into my mind was clear and it was to write about my family.I have passion for my family because they are the most important people in my life.If it wasn’t for them, I would not be here today writing this essay.My family inspires me every day by telling me to push myself toward my goals and to become independent for my future that I am headed for.One of the refreshments of reading him is that he states his beliefs outright, rather than wrapping them in putatively objective historical arguments -- as when he remarks (in an essay in '' Women and the Common Life'' on romantic love) that it is ''heartbreaking'' that ''lifelong marriage no longer serves as the standard to which erotic practice ought to aspire,'' or when, in '' The Revolt of the Elites'' (1994), he declares that ''luxury is morally repugnant.'' Lasch knew that such pronouncements would be greeted by howls of post-modern derision: Whose standards? Isn't the very vocabulary with which we discuss these matters -- using words such as ''dissipation'' and ''discipline'' -- proof that the etymology of our moral terms leads back through an endless chain of conventions to . The kind of marriage Lasch has in mind is not the old ''dynastic'' institution that preserved wealth within the confines of the propertied gentry and was therefore threatened when sexual attraction erupted between members of distinct classes.He has in mind a different, essentially middle-class ideal of marriage, more erotic than contractual, which he traces from its appearance in the Middle Ages, through the 18th century with its political debates about what constitutes legitimate marital union, and into our own time.When I heard in class that I had to write a paper about what I had passion for, I thought of numerous things that I had a passion for.However, my teacher said I could only choose three things that I had passion for.


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