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While polyandry is a process whereby a woman get married to more than one husband.

FAMILY: Family is seen as a subset of an individual total Kinsley network and a key unit of the household or domestic economy, a symbol of social cohesion and moral philosophy.

The data collected were analyzed using percentage storing of each response to an alternative answer.

The researcher shows that the defect can be tacked by the man himself if he fair and firm in all his actions in the homes.

Over the years position of women in Nigeria societies, especially in Oredo, has not be given a serious concern.

Polygamous Marriage PURPOSE OF THE STUDY The purpose of this study is to identify the consequences of polygamous family unit on the Christian in Oredo local government area.

According to the information conveyed from the research carried out, it was observed that the consequence of polygamy on Christian is pertinent.

The researcher made use of questionnaire to sample the opinions of the people concerned the following result were obtained from nine localities or clans that made up the enclave, where the research was conducted many of the respondents speak on the need for Christians to desist from polygamy.

Polygamous Marriage RESEARCH QUESTIONS In order to achieve the objective of the study of the following questions were raised to know whether or not they affect the attitude of polygamous parents on the education of girls.

DEFINITION OF TERMSEDUCATION: Is the totality of processes through which an individual acquires knowledge, skills, attitude and abilities which enable him or her to positively contribute towards the meaningful development of the society.


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