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To properly analyze a novel, you must break it down into its constitutive elements, including characterization, symbolism and theme.

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Your personal interpretation of the material can be conveyed through the conclusions you draw about the motivations and meanings of the novel and any real-world relationships.

Those related conclusions need to be based on specific evidence from the text.

These can be paraphrases, specific details or direct quotations.

Remember that textual evidence should only be employed when it directly supports the main idea.

The English department at California State University, Channel Islands writes that "it's fine to make a point...

but then you must provide examples that support your points." Specific evidence to support your argument includes direct references to the novel.

I suspect that almost everyone teases themselves with this question from time to time. Lately, I’ve been thinking a great deal about refuge. Perhaps, dear reader, the subject has been on your mind as well.

And I mean really hard times: when doing the right thing could harm me or my family, could cast me out of society, could make me a pariah or even cost me my life. Rudolf Ditzen’s shot killed his friend, but Necker’s shot missed. But instead of dying, he was arrested, tried, and convicted of murder...

Millsaps College advises students, "Your essay should not just summarize the story's action or the writer's argument; your thesis should make an argument of your own." If the point you are making seems too general or too obvious, be more specific.

For example, for the novel "Farenheit 451" by Ray Bradbury, the following main argument is too general: "The novel talks about the dangers of technology." A more specific and effective main argument would be, "Through its depiction of a highly controlled dystopian society, the novel conveys the dangers of using technology as an escape from human emotion and relationships." This main argument is your thesis statement.


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