Europass Cover Letter

Europass Cover Letter-82
You've found an interesting job offer and want to apply.

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Make sure not to pack too much information into your CV - the company is not especially interested in your last holidays on the Maldives.

The interactive website "europass" offers you step-by-step instructions for writing a CV.

Make sure your CV is detailed and correctly structured, with all the references available and validated, when required.

The Europass format CV is not widely used in Ireland.

The photo is normally affixed to the upper right-hand corner of the CV or on a cover page.

Don't be too cheap when it comes to your application photo - it's worth investing a little money in getting your photo taken professionally.

In the letter, you explain why you are interested in the position.

You should also make explicit reference to the company and describe how your experience and skills match the job requirements. What tasks and responsibilities does the job involve? This shows your potential employer that you have informed yourself well and you're application wasn't a mass mailing. On the internet you can find sample applications for various branches.

Keep it specific, keeping in mind that the purpose of the CV is to sell your skills set to your potential employer.

'Through EURES, I secured an internship in a design studio in Senigallia, north­ern Italy.


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