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And last but not least, the whole idea of an exploratory essay is to go exploring, learn something new, gain a new perspective, and then come back to the place where you started. So let’s go on a journey together to discover how to write an exploratory essay worth exploring.The most popularly assigned essay is the argumentative essay.

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The exact nature of an exploratory essay can't be known in advance.

It emerges gradually from decisions and discoveries made along the way. By studying a few pages of your writing, an experienced reader should be able to form a fairly accurate impression of you as a person.

To deliver the best exploratory essay, its topic has to give the student an opportunity to conduct a little journey into its peculiarities to explore its implicit aspects. Between genetics and poor upbringing, which of the two should be held responsible for bad behavior in children? How will the NATO countries be affected if the US cuts or stops their support as Donald Trump said during the campaign? Should music and art be used more frequently to help rehabilitate prisoners? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed immigration policy? Will it be possible to provide the world with enough energy from renewable power sources? Is technology stealing the very essence or meaning of school? Should we be more focused in supporting and developing electric cars? What will be some of the positive and negative changes of nanotechnologies? Bad Technology Impact Of Computer Technology On Communication How Does Technology Affect Privacy?

The topic has to be not a statement but an arguable question. by Charles Choi for Discover Magazine, March 2017 by Sarah Di Giulio for Huffington Post, February 2017 by Dr. by Mike Pearl for Vice, August 2016 by Steve Turnham for ABC News, November 2017 by Alia E. The Influence Of Technology In Music Technology Makes Us Lazy Writer of professional articles & materials for students.

The second, however, is fueled by curiosity and often unfurls in unforeseen ways.

Moreover, the exploratory essay often is a bit more personal and introspective than the argumentative essay.

Choosing a topic for exploratory essays is similar to choosing where to take a trip.

This often starts with an important question: What topic (or destination) interests me?

It’s written to persuade the readers of said argument. Instead, the purpose of an exploratory essay is to explore a topic.

(Clearly whoever came up with the names of these essays was the straightforward type.)The idea is to find a topic that piques your interest, develop questions related to that topic, research those questions, and then share your findings (and process) with your reader.


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